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Terms & Conditions

By using our services you are bound by our terms. Please ensure you read and understand these terms. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not use our services.

About Us

  • HotelCompare.com's services are operated by Hotel Compare Ltd ("we" or "HotelCompare.com"). Hotel Compare.com's services currently comprise of the website HotelCompare.com, but also includes any other applications, software or services provided by the company.
  • We are registered in England and Wales under company number 9475079 and have our registered office at 99A Cobbold Road, London, NW10 9SL.
  • HotelCompare.com offers a service allow you to compare the prices of hotels from different online travel agents and hotel booking providers.

Accessing our services

  • We have the right to amend and/or temporarily withdraw our service without prior notice and will not be held liable for any consequences arising from termination or suspension of our service.
  • By using our services, you agree to our terms. Our terms extend to all parties accessing our services through your internet connection, where you are responsible for ensuring these parties understand and adhere to our terms.

Our intellectual property rights

  • No data used in our services must modified or used for commercial purposes without permission from HotelCompare.com.
  • Any replication of this material without permission will be considered a breach of our terms and all such material must be destroyed.

Data provided on our website

  • HotelCompare.com is not liable for the accuracy or completeness of data provided by third parties. This includes but is not limited to prices, descriptions, photos, hotel ratings and availability.
  • Any bookings made on HotelCompare.com via third party links are done so with the understanding that the booking agreement exists between you and the third party under the terms provided by the third party. Please ensure you have read and understand these terms.
  • HotelCompare.com is not liable for the quality of and/or fulfilment of any bookings made with third parties, and any issues arising thereafter. This includes but is not limited to amendments, cancellations and refunds which must be resolved directly between you and the third party.

Information about you and your visits to our services

  • We gather and process information about all users of our services governed by our privacy policy. Please ensure you read and understand our privacy policy.

Malicious software and behaviour directed at us

The following will be considered a misuse of our services and will be reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities:
  • An attempt to introduce viruses or any other such material that is considered harmful to the services and operations of HotelCompare.com.
  • Any attempt to gain unauthorised access to services, hardware or data belonging to or offered by HotelCompare.com.
  • By using our services, you accept that there is an inherent risk of malicious material being downloaded onto your equipment and that this could result in your hardware and/or data being infected, for which HotelCompare.com will not be held liable.

Changes to our Terms

  • We reserve the right to update these terms in response to changes in the law, industry regulations and company interests.
  • You will receive notice of any changes in our terms which we deem to be substantial.
  • It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with these terms and ensure you are up-to-date with any changes we have made.